USA in the World

US: The Drone Tipping Point

American drone utilization is predicated upon the exclusive and exceptional ability of the United States to dictate terms to all…

“Without Foundation,” How America Became a Terrorist State

To all appearances, the situation in the Ukraine proves the Cold War is alive and well, perhaps even “thriving.” The…

NATO, Russia, and the View from Mars

Robert Heinlein’s classic novel Stranger in a Strange Land tells the story of a human, born and raised on Mars,…

US Ambassadors: Diplomats or Agitators?

A diplomat is defined as "a person who represents his or her country's government in a foreign country: someone whose…

US Moves to Crush Internal Dissent

In yet another legal maneuver to shut down dissent, the attorney disciplinary board in the State of Illinois has suspended…

The Financial Elite and the Global Land Grab

The global financial crisis, which began in 2008, has significantly altered the way many speculators and financial institutions invest. Rather…

Flight 370: Another US Conspiracy?

On March 13, 2014 Veterans Today said they could prove Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was “on the ground.” The mainstream…

U.S. Foreign Policy: between Primarism and Retrenchmentism

A year ago there was held a remarkable discussion on this topic in the International Security Journal. It touched upon…

The Ethics of “Doomsday” Tech

Several new “deniable” technologies some with both military and civilian applications have become available, essentially since 1960. In every case,…

West’s antiquated unipolar world collides with the East’s vision of a multipolar future.

In Reuters' 2007 article, "Putin says Russia threatened by 'Unipolar World'," Russian President Vladimir Putin stated:  "Some people are constantly…

Information sabotage of the White House

НВО 21
The White House and its henchmen, in the forms of the U.S. intelligence and the Pentagon, have been using social…

Ukraine Boomerang – Serious Repercussions for the West Now

The West took a major credibility beating today, one inflicted on itself. This hit is going to be one more…

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