What Shape will a Military Standoff Take in Asia?


Over the last 70 years, countries in APAC (Asia Pacific) have shown rapid economic growth, thereby attracting more and more interest to this region from world players, which has resulted in a battle for influence among them in this part of the world. During this period, Japan was the first to embark on its path towards development…

Afghan Fiasco in Washington’s Overstrained Hands


The latest round of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban reached their inglorious conclusion in the capital of Qatar (the city of Doha). Nonetheless, Suhail Shaheen, the political spokesman for the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), tweeted, somewhat…

South Korea’s Military Partnerships Extend beyond the US


Every few months, Asmolov’s digest examines how South Korea’s military relations are developing with its main ally and other partners in terms of military technology and politics. How these relations develop is more important for the author of these lines than Seoul’s lofty…

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